Friday, 23 March 2012


Here's Australia's nastiest bunch of deliberately antagonistic, scumbag degenerate punks: Rupture!  With their bad-taste-in-the-mouth tribute to the late, great gross-out outlaw scumfuc terrorist of rock 'n' roll:  the one and only GG Allin..  Delivering faithfully filthy covers of six classic 'n' catchy, 80's era GG tracks..  Originally issued by the Dutch freakos at No Fucking Labels as 'Gus Chamber & The Ruptured Wanksparks' back in 2001, this is the 2nd press (reductively re-christened, 'Wanksparks') from '05 with different artwork..  Not many bands then or now could've believably pulled off GG's (nudge, wink) nubbin-cocked nihilistic schtick with such realistic sounding results..  Luckily, these Aussie nutters had both the necessary conviction and the relevant convictions!  Recorded in an irreverently reverential fashion, aptly enough on the anniversary of Jesus Christ Allin's death back in 1996, on what sounds like an authentically rickety 4-track.  Rupture were committed to the aesthetics and advocacy of the lifestyle, no doubt about that..  In fact, head throat-shredder Gus went on to pay the highest tribute possible to GG a few months after this was released, by OD'ing in a phone-box or summat..  Oh well..  Feel the hate!

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