Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Out On The Street

Excavating another curious nugget of the late NWOBHM era from the depths of the beer-cellar - Harrier's lone EP emerged in '84 on Black Horse Records a label named for and very probably sponsored by their local metal-pub (Metallibar? No.).  'Out On The Street' definitely sounds dated enough nowadays, but even back then it must have sounded almost archaic..  Seemingly underwhelmed by the rapid progressions in style and speed occurring around them, the lad's inspirations audibly sprang almost exclusively from earlier decades..  That most surely includes the heavy freaks from the sixties as well..  For example, a definite Steppenwolf (!) vibe can be detected on 'Nickels And Dimes', with its familiar punchy, boogie-driven staccato swing..  Maybe it's their regular deployment of groovy keyboard noodles and general mid-pacing that invokes thoughts of the seventies.. But then there's the side-long 'Shine On', which might well initially send shivery fingers of man-ballad dread down yer sweat-flecked spine but it eventually heats up into a sweet bass-driven rocker..  It's not exactly a hitherto undiscovered artifact that redefines contemporary metal analysis and transcends time itself - but, for those no-lifes who still retain a vague affection for the rampant sugary rush of ridiculous self-righteousness that only the decaying recesses of the NWOBHM underground could provide, there may be ample sustenance indeed..

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