Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Jams From The Heart

What's that?  Drug-addled axe-wizards from the 60's and 70's who've under-achieved their way into funked-up arpeggiated immortality regardless?  Yeh, we love 'em too friend..  Well now, how 'bout Funkadelic's minor-key manipulating, (maggot) brain-bending, tripped-out funky string-tickler with some heavy 'Jams From The Heart' then?  No probs!  Here's Eddie Hazel given a rare chance to cut loose by himself in 1975 as a way to cool down from his faintly criminal inclinations and kick-start the ol' lick-chopping machine for his first 'proper' solo album, 1977's 'Game, Dames & Guitar Thangs'..  Having been more or less given the bootsy from Funkadelic by George Clinton at this point, Ed needed to stretch out a little after finding himself behind bars at Lampoc for a spell..  Allegedly convicted of trying to bite a chunk out of an airline hostess mid-flight, while deep in the grip of an angel dust frenzy.  Backstepping hastily from that definite 'Yikes!' moment, he duly delivered a scant four tracks in half an hour here..  Two long, psyched-out, funked-up snorters topped 'n' tailed with two concise fragments of foot-tapping, bounce-adelic rubbery butt-shake..  Supported strongly in his ecstatic endeavours by none other than Buddy Miles (from Hendrix's apex-era Band Of Gypsies amongst many others) an obvious adept at reacting to his fellow funkateers - keepin' the drums alternating between a tight, clipped beat and loose, free-form flourishes to punctuate Eddie's exploratory freak-outs..  For best results:  Relax..  Don't pay no mind to that income tax..  No need to seethe..  If you'd just let yourself breathe..  Watch the walls psychedelipeeps, they'll show ya..

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