Thursday, 12 January 2012


So, imagine you're the former drummer from legendary fast HC band Siege and you've finally reached a potentially terminal constriction in your creativity by utilising such a narrow-minded, one-dimensional approach to noise-making..  What's left to do but a big, fat free-form musical U-turn to state your now uninhibited, lysergically induced intentions?  How about opening up your record with a droning four minute atonal bass 'solo' that lasts longer than three of your old band's songs played back-to-back?  Not bad!  Nightstick's first full-length, 'Blotter' from '97 saw them furiously furrowing their brows into fucked up grooves, confirming the confrontational nature of their caustic wit and consolidating their concept of belligerent anti-any-state-but-altered art via the rhetoric of class warfare..  Half the album consists of massively monged-out cover versions (Funkadelic, Pink Floyd and Lydia Lunch), no doubt conceived in a twitchy, transfixed state of cosmic fear and loathing..  Cranking up the sense-subtracting onslaught even further for live shows the band were joined onstage by a succession of 'performers' named Padoinka The Clown..  Why?  To perform interpretive dance and improvisational movement of course!  Doing the cold-turkey hot-step and monkey-on-my-back boogaloo nightly was clearly a draining experience for the poor chaps and so the 'Stick unapologetically blazed through a handful of their junkie type associates in the process..  In short, a totally twisted trip of titanically turgid dirge-a-thon proportions!

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