Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Extinction Of Mankind's second scabrous slab of vinyl now - 'Weakness' released in 1994 on Skuld..  Coming a year after their initial demo-tape and split EP with Swedish scumfuckers Warcollapse but before the fulminating feculence of their debut LP, 'Baptised In Shit' from '95..  Still with original axe-masher Mass at this point and his trademark Antisect meets Celtic Frost guitar tone is firmly in place, bouncing back and forth against Ste's belligerent bark.  Commencing, concluding and interspersed throughout with some dark and eerily evocative horror-soundtrack-esque synth-ambience..  In between kicking out the corrosively crude, crushing crust-jams of course!  A grimly glorious musical combination of those two apocalyptic riff-titans (Anti-Frost?) sets the pace here, occasionally speeding things up into a fast d-beat thrash just in case your attention wanders..  There's a faint but disappointingly discernible lack of low-end presence in the mix this time around but the non-beefiness of the bass just ends up enhancing the acrid mid-80's-ness of the compositions as a whole rather than detracting from the polluted atmosphere in general..  So there you go, rough as fuck but so what?  It's a killer quartet of shit-kickin', cider-swillin', smoke-breathin' catastrophe crust! 

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