Tuesday, 6 December 2011

So Often They Fall Into The Same Illusion

Yes, yet another Hard To Swallow EP!  This 'un's the split with Canvas featuring Pete from Narcosis on second vocals from 1999 and was their final release before splitting..  Canvas were from Leeds and had a distinct disdain for traditional hardcore structures similar to HTS..  Like an even sketchier schizo Deadguy but more willing and able to dip into a (mainly) metallic bag of extreme musical influences..  There's plenty of explicit death, black and doom metal references in amongst the disjointed dollops of essential hardcore discordancy, power electronic wibbles and dredged-from-the-ditch riff-dirges..  Hard To Swallow begin their barrage with a customarily satanic sample, before stomping on the accelerator to establish an increasingly manic cruising speed..  They also seemed to be dipping their dirty toes into a stagnant pool of concentrated metalacious mucal expectorations with varying degrees of delight..  But everything's delivered with their trademark sense of disconnected gusto and with a slightly crisper production than usual..  Go on, get it down yer gullet!


  1. Fixed! Thanx for the heads up, squeaky wheel gets the grease!