Monday, 5 December 2011

Robotic Lunch

Back in the late nineties during some downtime between the collapse of Kyuss and the start-up of Queens Of The Stone Age, Josh Homme began gathering an assortment of like-minded herbal enthusiasts for some loose and low-key jam sessions..  Man's Ruin Records was booming at the time and began issuing the aforementioned jams on vinyl and cd for further consideration..  Here's the first two head-nodding volumes of the Desert Sessions.  Featuring musicians moonlighting from bands like: Goatsnake, Fu Manchu, Soundgarden and Fatso Jetson..  The instrumental tracks are contemplative and dreamy yet conversely still driving and full of restless energy at the same time..  Pulsing basslines, shivery slide guitars, quietly noodling keys and hypnotic drums set the placid pace only occasionally wandering off into some mild wonkiness of a more rocktastic nature..  Conjuring a mood that's akin to driving across a moonlit desert highway with a head full of green magic and a gallon of super-strength coffee burnin' in yer guts..  While the vocal tracks continue in a similarly sharp-edged yet woozy fashion..  Yet another one to keep you grinning vacantly for a little while!

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