Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Neu Smell

We've had the second Epileptics EP posted here a while ago..  As I mentioned, they became increasingly mixed up with the Crass Mob around this time and under that Anarcho influence subsequently mutated into Flux Of Pink Indians..  So to help gauge the gangs overall progression, here's their first seven inch, 'Neu Smell' from 1981 released on Crass Records.  'Tube Disaster' from their earlier Epileptic episode makes a re-appearance here with a substantial make-over, all spruced up and sandwiched between two spoken word / sound collage pieces..  Taking full advantage of their all-new twin guitar attack Flux chop the rhythm out into staccato stabs over the now nimble-fingered bass-lines. The two tracks on the second side proceed in a similar and (nowadays) stereotypically Anarcho stylee..  Monochromatic rants of militant snot spewed over a teetering yet tautly stretched rhythm section and spindly, slashing guitars persistently punctuating the whole tirade..  You could stay stocked up on sneers for years with this 'un!

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