Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Nerves Are Shot

Taking their name straight from the classic 1987 Lip Cream mini-LP, Cleveland's worshippers of Japanese HC chaos 9 Shocks Terror were a considerable force to be reckoned with back in their day for sure - able to bash dem bonces whether they were live or in the studio..  Arising from the smouldering ashes of the H100'S, apparently with the sole intention of revitalising a recumbent scene with the sheer force of their frenetic fervour - by jamming up a fearsome firestorm of recondite rage..  Here's one of 9ST's final releases, a fitting testament to their previously established potency (only Tony and Steve remained from the original line-up unfortunately) - a self titled EP from '03 on Even Worse Records.  Augmenting their incendiary hardcore assault at this point with some semi-melodic discordance and the occasional Sabbathian 70's rock-style rifftastic breakdown..  Lyrically we get more disconsolate denunciations and angst-ridden observations of early 21st century ennui.  At times it does sound like they were struggling to recapture the energy they so effortlessly enunciated on their earlier LP's, but never for long..  When the ignition sparked the old musical machine into life there was more than enough of the old magic still there in the tank.. 

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