Tuesday, 6 December 2011

In These Black Days

'In These Black Days' was a series of split seven inch EP's released by Hydra Head Records during the late nineties and early 00's..  The overarching concept was for the contributing bands to channel some Black Sabbath covers with varying degrees of success..  For your consideration today here's volume 6 - featuring tribal crusty atmospherics from Oakland heavyweights Neurosis and New Orleans' multifaceted Southern rockin' metalheads Soilent Green.  Neurosis' burnt out offering was a trudge through 'Children Of The Grave', slowing the pace considerably and upping the epic, doomsday vibes of the original..  Soilent Green on the flip chose instead to give us a groovy Sabbathian mash-up consisting of 'Lord Of This World', 'The Sign Of The Southern Cross' and 'Disturbing The Priest', roping in Kirk from Crowbar for a few back-up hollers..  So, what you get is a succinct little tribute to the original monolithic Masters Of Reality themselves..

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