Friday, 2 December 2011

Busse Woods

Acid King's final release on Man's Ruin, 'Busse Woods' came out in 1999 and was perhaps a bit overlooked in the glut of 'stoner rock' bands and releases swamping the scene at the time..  That's my theory anyway, coz it sure beats the shit out of me why Acid King in general and Lori S in particular aren't worshipped harder than they are..  Tenaciously sticking to their smoke-drenched, satanic master-plan involving slow-motion hypnosis of willing subjects for nearly 20 years now..  This was another album full of catchy, trance inducing riffage that still managed to weigh an absolute fucking ton..  'What happened to the perfect the Electric Machine?' she bemoans on the first track..  And it always reminds me of those past moments while navigating the lysergic storm, when I'd get distracted from seemingly revelatory transportive thoughts by the all-consuming awareness that my head was actually dissolving itself from the inside out into its component atoms and the rest of my body was in fact simply curled up next to the threadbare couch gurgling, chortling and drooling on itself..  Ahh, good times!

Drive Fast, Take Chances

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