Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Nerves Are Shot

Taking their name straight from the classic 1987 Lip Cream mini-LP, Cleveland's worshippers of Japanese HC chaos 9 Shocks Terror were a considerable force to be reckoned with back in their day for sure - able to bash dem bonces whether they were live or in the studio..  Arising from the smouldering ashes of the H100'S, apparently with the sole intention of revitalising a recumbent scene with the sheer force of their frenetic fervour - by jamming up a fearsome firestorm of recondite rage..  Here's one of 9ST's final releases, a fitting testament to their previously established potency (only Tony and Steve remained from the original line-up unfortunately) - a self titled EP from '03 on Even Worse Records.  Augmenting their incendiary hardcore assault at this point with some semi-melodic discordance and the occasional Sabbathian 70's rock-style rifftastic breakdown..  Lyrically we get more disconsolate denunciations and angst-ridden observations of early 21st century ennui.  At times it does sound like they were struggling to recapture the energy they so effortlessly enunciated on their earlier LP's, but never for long..  When the ignition sparked the old musical machine into life there was more than enough of the old magic still there in the tank.. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Extinction Of Mankind's second scabrous slab of vinyl now - 'Weakness' released in 1994 on Skuld..  Coming a year after their initial demo-tape and split EP with Swedish scumfuckers Warcollapse but before the fulminating feculence of their debut LP, 'Baptised In Shit' from '95..  Still with original axe-masher Mass at this point and his trademark Antisect meets Celtic Frost guitar tone is firmly in place, bouncing back and forth against Ste's belligerent bark.  Commencing, concluding and interspersed throughout with some dark and eerily evocative horror-soundtrack-esque synth-ambience..  In between kicking out the corrosively crude, crushing crust-jams of course!  A grimly glorious musical combination of those two apocalyptic riff-titans (Anti-Frost?) sets the pace here, occasionally speeding things up into a fast d-beat thrash just in case your attention wanders..  There's a faint but disappointingly discernible lack of low-end presence in the mix this time around but the non-beefiness of the bass just ends up enhancing the acrid mid-80's-ness of the compositions as a whole rather than detracting from the polluted atmosphere in general..  So there you go, rough as fuck but so what?  It's a killer quartet of shit-kickin', cider-swillin', smoke-breathin' catastrophe crust! 

Neu Smell

We've had the second Epileptics EP posted here a while ago..  As I mentioned, they became increasingly mixed up with the Crass Mob around this time and under that Anarcho influence subsequently mutated into Flux Of Pink Indians..  So to help gauge the gangs overall progression, here's their first seven inch, 'Neu Smell' from 1981 released on Crass Records.  'Tube Disaster' from their earlier Epileptic episode makes a re-appearance here with a substantial make-over, all spruced up and sandwiched between two spoken word / sound collage pieces..  Taking full advantage of their all-new twin guitar attack Flux chop the rhythm out into staccato stabs over the now nimble-fingered bass-lines. The two tracks on the second side proceed in a similar and (nowadays) stereotypically Anarcho stylee..  Monochromatic rants of militant snot spewed over a teetering yet tautly stretched rhythm section and spindly, slashing guitars persistently punctuating the whole tirade..  You could stay stocked up on sneers for years with this 'un!

In These Black Days

'In These Black Days' was a series of split seven inch EP's released by Hydra Head Records during the late nineties and early 00's..  The overarching concept was for the contributing bands to channel some Black Sabbath covers with varying degrees of success..  For your consideration today here's volume 6 - featuring tribal crusty atmospherics from Oakland heavyweights Neurosis and New Orleans' multifaceted Southern rockin' metalheads Soilent Green.  Neurosis' burnt out offering was a trudge through 'Children Of The Grave', slowing the pace considerably and upping the epic, doomsday vibes of the original..  Soilent Green on the flip chose instead to give us a groovy Sabbathian mash-up consisting of 'Lord Of This World', 'The Sign Of The Southern Cross' and 'Disturbing The Priest', roping in Kirk from Crowbar for a few back-up hollers..  So, what you get is a succinct little tribute to the original monolithic Masters Of Reality themselves..

So Often They Fall Into The Same Illusion

Yes, yet another Hard To Swallow EP!  This 'un's the split with Canvas featuring Pete from Narcosis on second vocals from 1999 and was their final release before splitting..  Canvas were from Leeds and had a distinct disdain for traditional hardcore structures similar to HTS..  Like an even sketchier schizo Deadguy but more willing and able to dip into a (mainly) metallic bag of extreme musical influences..  There's plenty of explicit death, black and doom metal references in amongst the disjointed dollops of essential hardcore discordancy, power electronic wibbles and dredged-from-the-ditch riff-dirges..  Hard To Swallow begin their barrage with a customarily satanic sample, before stomping on the accelerator to establish an increasingly manic cruising speed..  They also seemed to be dipping their dirty toes into a stagnant pool of concentrated metalacious mucal expectorations with varying degrees of delight..  But everything's delivered with their trademark sense of disconnected gusto and with a slightly crisper production than usual..  Go on, get it down yer gullet!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Robotic Lunch

Back in the late nineties during some downtime between the collapse of Kyuss and the start-up of Queens Of The Stone Age, Josh Homme began gathering an assortment of like-minded herbal enthusiasts for some loose and low-key jam sessions..  Man's Ruin Records was booming at the time and began issuing the aforementioned jams on vinyl and cd for further consideration..  Here's the first two head-nodding volumes of the Desert Sessions.  Featuring musicians moonlighting from bands like: Goatsnake, Fu Manchu, Soundgarden and Fatso Jetson..  The instrumental tracks are contemplative and dreamy yet conversely still driving and full of restless energy at the same time..  Pulsing basslines, shivery slide guitars, quietly noodling keys and hypnotic drums set the placid pace only occasionally wandering off into some mild wonkiness of a more rocktastic nature..  Conjuring a mood that's akin to driving across a moonlit desert highway with a head full of green magic and a gallon of super-strength coffee burnin' in yer guts..  While the vocal tracks continue in a similarly sharp-edged yet woozy fashion..  Yet another one to keep you grinning vacantly for a little while!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Busse Woods

Acid King's final release on Man's Ruin, 'Busse Woods' came out in 1999 and was perhaps a bit overlooked in the glut of 'stoner rock' bands and releases swamping the scene at the time..  That's my theory anyway, coz it sure beats the shit out of me why Acid King in general and Lori S in particular aren't worshipped harder than they are..  Tenaciously sticking to their smoke-drenched, satanic master-plan involving slow-motion hypnosis of willing subjects for nearly 20 years now..  This was another album full of catchy, trance inducing riffage that still managed to weigh an absolute fucking ton..  'What happened to the perfect plan....in the Electric Machine?' she bemoans on the first track..  And it always reminds me of those past moments while navigating the lysergic storm, when I'd get distracted from seemingly revelatory transportive thoughts by the all-consuming awareness that my head was actually dissolving itself from the inside out into its component atoms and the rest of my body was in fact simply curled up next to the threadbare couch gurgling, chortling and drooling on itself..  Ahh, good times!

Drive Fast, Take Chances

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Another quick 'un just for the skronk-gonks out there then..  Here's Deadguy's last gasp from 1996..  Fluctuating time-signatures thumping in and out of discordantly lurching riff-structures.  Burying some janglingly atonal almost jazzy flourishes under their jagged patterns and blunted rhythms..  Like being randomly punched and headbutted viciously while someone simultaneously tickles your feet and titters maniacally in the background..  Unsettling, in a word.  Uneasy atmospheres arise amid a general feeling of wrong-headedness..  Basically they were appropriating the most disorientating sonics from noise-rock and incorporating them into their off-kilter hardcore fury.  You may or may not be able to discern the influence these guys had on future tech-core whizzkids like Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge and Coalesce..  Recorded and produced by Steve Austin, this bears some similarities to his Today Is The Day output of the same period.  Just for an extra nice noise-rockin' extra, the EP also finishes ya off with a bonus untitled dirge..