Thursday, 17 November 2011

Who Do You Wait For?

Let's keep these split seven inchers comin' in spurts for a little while longer..  Here's the split EP between our previously posted pals in Fuck On The Beach from Japan and Germany's gung-ho grind-lovin' groupies Flachenbrand, who feature at least one (swollen?) member from Yacopsae..  Released with a groan and a significant reduction in tension by Regurgitated Semen Records in 1999.  FOTB present us with six stabs of their patented formula of fast hardcore hang ups with their priapic powerviolent preoccupations and vinegar stroke-esque vocalisations.  Flachenbrand on the other hand give us seven heavy sacks of hardcore, mixing up everything from crust/anarcho to rockin' punk with mind-mushing maniacal blastcore on their side.  They even find time for a sweet L'arm cover in amongst the hand-shandy speed, instrument-stroking shenanigans..  That's it now, I've emptied my bag of double entendres..  Stop groaning etc..

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