Sunday, 27 November 2011

On The Lam

'On The Lam' was Cavity's final full length offering from 2001..  Following on from 'Supercollider' it saw the Miamian masters of swamp-exhumed mammoth-sized sludge riffs and mournfully bloodshot boogie bringing it all back down home from their earlier cosmically inclined contemplations..  If escaping into outer space no longer seemed like an option for the band, all signs seemingly point to them carefully considering doing a moonlight flit at some point along the road as a viable earthly alternative..  Hence their thoroughness in discarding any extraneous sonic baggage, having surmised that only the most essential components of their sound were fit for purpose..  Retaining their predilection for free-flowing feedback and a fondness for gradual progression through seemingly ponderous yet strangely hypnotic repetition.  Dynamically speaking they knew all about ebbing & flowing effectively and building & releasing reflectively..  So the album is well paced with uptempo headswinging stompers in between the slower, drawn out tracks.  Perhaps inevitably, not long after this 'un they quietly slipped off somewhere, disappearing into the long, dark night of no return..

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