Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mind Seduction Aftermath

Ahoy!  Absurdist brutality abounds on this 'un..  The booted version of 1993's split EP between Discordance Axis and Cosmic Hurse..  Both bands resolutely sticking to the aesthetically filthy foundations laid down by their frenetically grinding forefathers with sheer bloody-minded tenacity..  The Axis of Discordance hit us up first with gleefully gonzoid grinding chromatic barbarism..  Spilling out a series of sub-single-minute condensed epics of tornado-esque dynamics.. Meanwhile, on the flipside The Hurse come across like whirlwind destruction blurrcore nutters with a death metal drummer and a grudge against coherency..  I know the feeling!  I suppose you could say with some plausibility that DA was reppin' the 'serious' side of grind and CH were ploughing the 'silly' furrow (you could also substitute: 'po-faced' vs. 'light-hearted' or 'no fun' vs. 'fun' or even 'Napalm Death' vs. 'Sore Throat' whichever you prefer!)..  Both approaches were equally valid in intent and effective in execution on this occasion..  So, that would be where your own personal taste creeps in I suppose!

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