Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Blast Test

How about a quick salvo of high-speed skronkiness?  This was eagerly anticipated as a potentially face-twitching collaboration for grind geeks back in 2000..  Brutal bass buffoonery from Chris Dodge (Spazz, Stikky, Slap A Ham) and paralysing percussive postulations by Dave Witte (Human Remains, Discordance Axis, Melt Banana, Black Army Jacket, Burnt By The Sun etc etc)..  They may have recorded their mutual contributions on separate coasts but it still sounds like the product of some seriously time-consuming rehearsals..  Stylistically this is all over the freakin' place (although still squarely in the whacked out/wacky grind zone), invading your personal space like a groping schizophrenic with attention deficit disorder..  Clean jazzy chords run over and into atonal blasts, honking sax, wacky scratchin', tough guy hardcore roars and nothing lasts longer than a minute!  Chris was aided and abetted on vox by Gary from Noothgrush and his wife Lydia, in fact this resembles a more Spazz-ticated version of their side project Ancient Chinese Secret..  Yoinks!

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