Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Blast Test

How about a quick salvo of high-speed skronkiness?  This was eagerly anticipated as a potentially face-twitching collaboration for grind geeks back in 2000..  Brutal bass buffoonery from Chris Dodge (Spazz, Stikky, Slap A Ham) and paralysing percussive postulations by Dave Witte (Human Remains, Discordance Axis, Melt Banana, Black Army Jacket, Burnt By The Sun etc etc)..  They may have recorded their mutual contributions on separate coasts but it still sounds like the product of some seriously time-consuming rehearsals..  Stylistically this is all over the freakin' place (although still squarely in the whacked out/wacky grind zone), invading your personal space like a groping schizophrenic with attention deficit disorder..  Clean jazzy chords run over and into atonal blasts, honking sax, wacky scratchin', tough guy hardcore roars and nothing lasts longer than a minute!  Chris was aided and abetted on vox by Gary from Noothgrush and his wife Lydia, in fact this resembles a more Spazz-ticated version of their side project Ancient Chinese Secret..  Yoinks!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

On The Lam

'On The Lam' was Cavity's final full length offering from 2001..  Following on from 'Supercollider' it saw the Miamian masters of swamp-exhumed mammoth-sized sludge riffs and mournfully bloodshot boogie bringing it all back down home from their earlier cosmically inclined contemplations..  If escaping into outer space no longer seemed like an option for the band, all signs seemingly point to them carefully considering doing a moonlight flit at some point along the road as a viable earthly alternative..  Hence their thoroughness in discarding any extraneous sonic baggage, having surmised that only the most essential components of their sound were fit for purpose..  Retaining their predilection for free-flowing feedback and a fondness for gradual progression through seemingly ponderous yet strangely hypnotic repetition.  Dynamically speaking they knew all about ebbing & flowing effectively and building & releasing reflectively..  So the album is well paced with uptempo headswinging stompers in between the slower, drawn out tracks.  Perhaps inevitably, not long after this 'un they quietly slipped off somewhere, disappearing into the long, dark night of no return..

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Who Do You Wait For?

Let's keep these split seven inchers comin' in spurts for a little while longer..  Here's the split EP between our previously posted pals in Fuck On The Beach from Japan and Germany's gung-ho grind-lovin' groupies Flachenbrand, who feature at least one (swollen?) member from Yacopsae..  Released with a groan and a significant reduction in tension by Regurgitated Semen Records in 1999.  FOTB present us with six stabs of their patented formula of fast hardcore hang ups with their priapic powerviolent preoccupations and vinegar stroke-esque vocalisations.  Flachenbrand on the other hand give us seven heavy sacks of hardcore, mixing up everything from crust/anarcho to rockin' punk with mind-mushing maniacal blastcore on their side.  They even find time for a sweet L'arm cover in amongst the hand-shandy speed, instrument-stroking shenanigans..  That's it now, I've emptied my bag of double entendres..  Stop groaning etc..

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Totally Fucking Dead

Released on Revenge Productions outta Germany back in '98, the Exhumed / Nyctophobic split can be viewed as yet another handy signpost pointing out where grind was headed in the late '90's..  Exhumed should blast you out of your slumber first of all, with their sharpened scalpels gleaming in the gloom..  Ready to eviscerate your earholes..  Mixing their obvious worship of early Carcass styled grindgore with an incessantly hyperblasting thrash fixation that threatens to dissect yer duodenum!  Nyctophobic take a noticeably different yet equally appealing approach to the sweet grindjams on their side of the disc..  Utilising a casual deployment of their abilities, they launch an attack with power, precision and jarring discordance.  Producing a combination of cold, dissonant almost mechanical sounding riffage, that can conversely swing with a fat groove whenever they want it to and of course having the requisite battery-acid gargling lunatic on vocals always helps too..  A quick and handy lesson in harshness for ya..

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mind Seduction Aftermath

Ahoy!  Absurdist brutality abounds on this 'un..  The booted version of 1993's split EP between Discordance Axis and Cosmic Hurse..  Both bands resolutely sticking to the aesthetically filthy foundations laid down by their frenetically grinding forefathers with sheer bloody-minded tenacity..  The Axis of Discordance hit us up first with gleefully gonzoid grinding chromatic barbarism..  Spilling out a series of sub-single-minute condensed epics of tornado-esque dynamics.. Meanwhile, on the flipside The Hurse come across like whirlwind destruction blurrcore nutters with a death metal drummer and a grudge against coherency..  I know the feeling!  I suppose you could say with some plausibility that DA was reppin' the 'serious' side of grind and CH were ploughing the 'silly' furrow (you could also substitute: 'po-faced' vs. 'light-hearted' or 'no fun' vs. 'fun' or even 'Napalm Death' vs. 'Sore Throat' whichever you prefer!)..  Both approaches were equally valid in intent and effective in execution on this occasion..  So, that would be where your own personal taste creeps in I suppose!