Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Old Man Gloom were an interestingly genre straddling combo who just happened to come into a fair bit of acclaim back in the heady days of 2001.  Something to do with the manifold mutual masturbation sessions accompanying Aaron Turner's other band Isis' every move no doubt..  Anyway!  What we have here is 'Seminar III : Zozobra' released by Tortuga Records, which was meant to be a closing statement of inscrutability to formally conclude their 'Seminar II : The Holy Rites Of Primitivism Regressionism' full length..  I thought the LP was a bit lacklustre to be honest - gibbering waffle that wasted people's time and failed to make a valid point of any kind?  Why does that sound familiar?  Ahem, moving on as quickly as possible..  This was a single epic 27min track that ebbed and flowed with a cyclic feel that conveyed the brittle transience and 'night follows day' inevitability of existence with a cinematic sweep as evocative as the awe inspiring desert landscape / rock formation images that accompanied the disc.  Post rock hipster minimalism brought to bear on the burgeoning batch of 'droning stoner' scenes and woven around a simian subtext with surprisingly effective results!

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