Tuesday, 11 October 2011

You'll Be A Movie Star

Some burly hardcore brutality from '98 by Arkansas' Burned Up Bled Dry..  Bursting breathlessly into the room with their second (and final) seven incher, 'Cloned Slaves For Slaves' released by relatively renowned scene stalwarts Slap A Ham Records..  Sonically speaking these guys had a fair amount in common with His Hero Is Gone..  Fragmented blasts of breakneck careening hardcore crashing onto the rocks with an epic flourish.  Crushing grooves dissolving into unsettling discordancy then rapidly resolving themselves in a race to the finish line..  Never quite commiting to a single tempo long enough for you precisely predict their intentions..  Flinging their influences into the group garbage compacter without remorse and disgorging neat cubes of compressed filth and stifled aspiration..  Tidy! 

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