Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Road To Ruin

A double disc released in 2004 on Leafhound Records, the 'Early Works Collection' helpfully compiled all of that hard to find shit from Japan's best (and only!) serial killer obsessed worshippers of doomstoned dementia: Church Of Misery!  Spanning the smoke-shrouded years of 1996-98, you're gonna get dosed by the swinging tracks of morbid psychedelic supergroove from their splits with Iron Monkey and Sheavy..  The lysergically laced murderpunch that was the 'Taste The Pain' EP should give you a serious case of acid burns on ya tongue..  The Church also blessed us with a whole buncha amped up covers of classic doom and heavy-psych/prog from way back when they were still honing their chops (Saint Vitus, Trouble, Iron Butterfly, Black Widow and Death SS)..  Rounding it all off with a characteristically murderous unreleased paen to old school shooting-spree killer Howard Unruh.  Shit!  Listening back to the rip, there's a coupla minor skips on the first disc (on tracks 6 & 7) shouldn't be enough to detract from yer listening displeasure..  Uh oh.  Don't hold it against me or anything..

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