Saturday, 8 October 2011

Out Of Their Skulls

Well, I dunno..  Sometimes ya just want to forget all about these meaningless shitty subdivisions of increasingly vapid sounding subgenres and simply rock the fuck out like the natural born scumfuckers we always knew we were..   Well maybe not, but anyways..  Breathe easily for a little while longer, fellow foolhardy travellers!  I can assure you this 'un is a straightforward slab o' booze 'n' bodily fluid saturated ROCK & ROLL..  Just the way we (should) like it!  Eternally oozing that ol' dynamic bluesy swagger over an irresistably high-tempo boogie shufflin' backbeat..  For a short while back there, these wild boys were really in charge of their shit..  Yes sir/ma'am!  This is the first album by the reformed and re-energised Pirates from '77, 'Out Of Their Skulls'.   It found the band pared down to a pulsating chubby of a power trio..  Pressganged into recording asap, on side one they're sweatin' bullets live and on t'other they're shittin' it out in the studio, without a single fuck being given at any one time..  Mick Green's Telecaster spits out a staccato stream of solid gold quicksilver, sometimes simultaneously unleashing both rhythm and lead shards of R 'n' R supremacy (no overdubs!)..  While you'd seriously struggle to slide a sheet of paper between the seemingly superglued drum 'n' bass duo of Frankie 'n' Johnny..  All of a sudden finding themselves both in demand and venerated by the upstart pub and punk rock scenes, they proceeded to loot the live scene for all it was worth..  Shit, even Lemmy himself was slyly eyeing a slice of the Piratical pie, later recruiting Mick for his 1990 Upsetters project..  C'mon, if you don't at least twitch an eyelid or two to this, then in all honesty you may already be dead from the cerebellum down..

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