Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Only Good Punk... Is A Dead One!

Once more we have another underappreciated little number for your earholes to abhor..  The Electro Hippies gestated this aural oddity, breached the threshold of no return and with one last big push finally fired out a full length LP..  Before the kicking and screaming just got to be too much, resulting in their prolapse and splitting up in 1988..  And what a peculiarly synchronous hybrid of a musical mutant it was..  These guys weren't about to let their occasional lapses in musicianship spoil the noise filled funfest..  Fermenting a hearty brew from crust, hardcore, anarcho punk, death metal and grindcore  Some tracks have slow, knuckle dragging Amebix-esque riffing occasionally stumbling into neanderthalic blast sections..  While other tracks are like fast hardcore with an impassioned anarcho style vocal delivery.  If I had to compose a headline it would probably say: Have-a-go Hippy Heroes Happily Hammer Home The Horror!  Or something..

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