Saturday, 22 October 2011

Hordes To Abolish The Divine

By the time Cattlepress freed their only full-length from captivity in The Year 2000, they resembled a rather bemused and thoroughly bewildered beast..  I mean just take a look at the band pic: for example the guitarist is kickin' it in some Korn-esque baggies (looks like jarg 2-stripe though!), while the bassist seems to be pumping out  the ol' 'Supreme Master Of Evil Metal ART' vibearoonies..  The singer has the whole 'alone and screaming in a darkened room' thing going for him, while the drummer, well..  He's just playing the drums dude, so fuck you, ya cynic..  But yes, this increasingly incongruous blend of individuals sound like they were on the verge of reaching their mutual musical departure points..  Consequently they can't always make up their minds just exactly how they should be decapitating dem dunces..  Still the resulting amalgam of underground stylings has plenty going for it..  They're still rolling blunts of brutality out of sludge, death, hardcore and noise rock and also remain sufficiently capable of unleashing the odd unstoppable steamroller of a riff..  Damn you clean production!  You sterilising son of a bitch!  Why?!  This would definitely crush even harder, if only they'd have seen fit to leave a little lingering stink in, just to sully the mix ever so slightly.. Fuck it, I'm sure you could supply your own at a push..

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