Monday, 24 October 2011


Again with the High Rise? Oh yes!  Here they come, ready to wield once more their freshly whetted psychedelic scythe..  Poised to slice the top off your skull with or without the slightest provocation..  An interesting take on their ususal 'suck you into a wormhole via a portal disguised as a jet engine' approach.  This time around they incorporated more experimentation and variety into their attack.  Possibly Nanjo was reasserting his case to be the motorpsycho puppetmaster?  After all Narita had yanked all the strings (conceptually as well as literally) on the last couple records..  So that idiosyncratic compulsion manifests itself in a way that's similar to his Musica Transonic group, with a more pronouncedly free form jazzy edge to some of the tracks.  The drums and guitar seeming to particularly relish the opportunity to compulsively lick their jazzchops..  But there's also a couple of fiercely short, beyond propulsive psyched-out shredders ('Git' & 'Mind Bending') that'll mow ya down and/or jerk you out of yer habitual stupor in the blinking of a crimson orb of crystal!  More than a decade and half into their journey as High Rise, 1998's 'Desperado' (released on PSF Records) proved that the old dogs can still show the young 'uns how it's supposed to be done..

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