Friday, 14 October 2011

Certain Death

Here we have some super-doper I-am-the-speediest-speedfreak-speedier-than-thou non-stop thrashing metal of certain death!  This is the first Sadus album 'Illusions' from '88, but more specifically this is the re-issued version from '91, 'Chemical Exposure' on Roadracer..  In between hoovering up finely chopped lines and chongin' dem fatties this cranked up quartet were rapidly discharging flying balls of solid steel at disembowelling speed upon an unsuspecting crowd of dirtbags..  Incorporating an ever-so-casual technicality into their high-octane delivery, an overwhelming integration of fancy-pants phrasing within a barrage of throat-slitting thrash riffs..  Watch out for them bass solo's!   Keeping things traditional topically (metallic matters only!) they've got songs about killing posers, zombie holocausts, symptoms of drug-abused brain damage and their own murderous musical prowess.  Nine noxious tracks of unrelenting rage and a toxic waste inspired outro to round off the pernicious proceedings.. 

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