Monday, 24 October 2011


Again with the High Rise? Oh yes!  Here they come, ready to wield once more their freshly whetted psychedelic scythe..  Poised to slice the top off your skull with or without the slightest provocation..  An interesting take on their ususal 'suck you into a wormhole via a portal disguised as a jet engine' approach.  This time around they incorporated more experimentation and variety into their attack.  Possibly Nanjo was reasserting his case to be the motorpsycho puppetmaster?  After all Narita had yanked all the strings (conceptually as well as literally) on the last couple records..  So that idiosyncratic compulsion manifests itself in a way that's similar to his Musica Transonic group, with a more pronouncedly free form jazzy edge to some of the tracks.  The drums and guitar seeming to particularly relish the opportunity to compulsively lick their jazzchops..  But there's also a couple of fiercely short, beyond propulsive psyched-out shredders ('Git' & 'Mind Bending') that'll mow ya down and/or jerk you out of yer habitual stupor in the blinking of a crimson orb of crystal!  More than a decade and half into their journey as High Rise, 1998's 'Desperado' (released on PSF Records) proved that the old dogs can still show the young 'uns how it's supposed to be done..

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Hordes To Abolish The Divine

By the time Cattlepress freed their only full-length from captivity in The Year 2000, they resembled a rather bemused and thoroughly bewildered beast..  I mean just take a look at the band pic: for example the guitarist is kickin' it in some Korn-esque baggies (looks like jarg 2-stripe though!), while the bassist seems to be pumping out  the ol' 'Supreme Master Of Evil Metal ART' vibearoonies..  The singer has the whole 'alone and screaming in a darkened room' thing going for him, while the drummer, well..  He's just playing the drums dude, so fuck you, ya cynic..  But yes, this increasingly incongruous blend of individuals sound like they were on the verge of reaching their mutual musical departure points..  Consequently they can't always make up their minds just exactly how they should be decapitating dem dunces..  Still the resulting amalgam of underground stylings has plenty going for it..  They're still rolling blunts of brutality out of sludge, death, hardcore and noise rock and also remain sufficiently capable of unleashing the odd unstoppable steamroller of a riff..  Damn you clean production!  You sterilising son of a bitch!  Why?!  This would definitely crush even harder, if only they'd have seen fit to leave a little lingering stink in, just to sully the mix ever so slightly.. Fuck it, I'm sure you could supply your own at a push..

Friday, 14 October 2011

Certain Death

Here we have some super-doper I-am-the-speediest-speedfreak-speedier-than-thou non-stop thrashing metal of certain death!  This is the first Sadus album 'Illusions' from '88, but more specifically this is the re-issued version from '91, 'Chemical Exposure' on Roadracer..  In between hoovering up finely chopped lines and chongin' dem fatties this cranked up quartet were rapidly discharging flying balls of solid steel at disembowelling speed upon an unsuspecting crowd of dirtbags..  Incorporating an ever-so-casual technicality into their high-octane delivery, an overwhelming integration of fancy-pants phrasing within a barrage of throat-slitting thrash riffs..  Watch out for them bass solo's!   Keeping things traditional topically (metallic matters only!) they've got songs about killing posers, zombie holocausts, symptoms of drug-abused brain damage and their own murderous musical prowess.  Nine noxious tracks of unrelenting rage and a toxic waste inspired outro to round off the pernicious proceedings.. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

You'll Be A Movie Star

Some burly hardcore brutality from '98 by Arkansas' Burned Up Bled Dry..  Bursting breathlessly into the room with their second (and final) seven incher, 'Cloned Slaves For Slaves' released by relatively renowned scene stalwarts Slap A Ham Records..  Sonically speaking these guys had a fair amount in common with His Hero Is Gone..  Fragmented blasts of breakneck careening hardcore crashing onto the rocks with an epic flourish.  Crushing grooves dissolving into unsettling discordancy then rapidly resolving themselves in a race to the finish line..  Never quite commiting to a single tempo long enough for you precisely predict their intentions..  Flinging their influences into the group garbage compacter without remorse and disgorging neat cubes of compressed filth and stifled aspiration..  Tidy! 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Out Of Their Skulls

Well, I dunno..  Sometimes ya just want to forget all about these meaningless shitty subdivisions of increasingly vapid sounding subgenres and simply rock the fuck out like the natural born scumfuckers we always knew we were..   Well maybe not, but anyways..  Breathe easily for a little while longer, fellow foolhardy travellers!  I can assure you this 'un is a straightforward slab o' booze 'n' bodily fluid saturated ROCK & ROLL..  Just the way we (should) like it!  Eternally oozing that ol' dynamic bluesy swagger over an irresistably high-tempo boogie shufflin' backbeat..  For a short while back there, these wild boys were really in charge of their shit..  Yes sir/ma'am!  This is the first album by the reformed and re-energised Pirates from '77, 'Out Of Their Skulls'.   It found the band pared down to a pulsating chubby of a power trio..  Pressganged into recording asap, on side one they're sweatin' bullets live and on t'other they're shittin' it out in the studio, without a single fuck being given at any one time..  Mick Green's Telecaster spits out a staccato stream of solid gold quicksilver, sometimes simultaneously unleashing both rhythm and lead shards of R 'n' R supremacy (no overdubs!)..  While you'd seriously struggle to slide a sheet of paper between the seemingly superglued drum 'n' bass duo of Frankie 'n' Johnny..  All of a sudden finding themselves both in demand and venerated by the upstart pub and punk rock scenes, they proceeded to loot the live scene for all it was worth..  Shit, even Lemmy himself was slyly eyeing a slice of the Piratical pie, later recruiting Mick for his 1990 Upsetters project..  C'mon, if you don't at least twitch an eyelid or two to this, then in all honesty you may already be dead from the cerebellum down..

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Old Man Gloom were an interestingly genre straddling combo who just happened to come into a fair bit of acclaim back in the heady days of 2001.  Something to do with the manifold mutual masturbation sessions accompanying Aaron Turner's other band Isis' every move no doubt..  Anyway!  What we have here is 'Seminar III : Zozobra' released by Tortuga Records, which was meant to be a closing statement of inscrutability to formally conclude their 'Seminar II : The Holy Rites Of Primitivism Regressionism' full length..  I thought the LP was a bit lacklustre to be honest - gibbering waffle that wasted people's time and failed to make a valid point of any kind?  Why does that sound familiar?  Ahem, moving on as quickly as possible..  This was a single epic 27min track that ebbed and flowed with a cyclic feel that conveyed the brittle transience and 'night follows day' inevitability of existence with a cinematic sweep as evocative as the awe inspiring desert landscape / rock formation images that accompanied the disc.  Post rock hipster minimalism brought to bear on the burgeoning batch of 'droning stoner' scenes and woven around a simian subtext with surprisingly effective results!

Wall Of Death The System!

'Wall Of Death The System' was the first full length from Philadelphia's acronym adoring upstarts: R.A.M.B.O..  This time around it stands for: Rage Anarchy Mosh Bike Overthrow!  Y'know..  Just so you can quickly assess where they're comin' from like..  Subtlety not being their strong point exactly..  Let loose initially by the steadfast folks at 625 Thrashcore back in 2001, this is the European press co-issued by Assault Records out of Germany in '03.  These guys were a welcome tonic to the po-faced systemic scene orthodoxies of the day..  Bustin' lips as well as blowin' minds with their uniquely militant anarcho-mosh-vegan-posi-core approach..  Remarkably enough on record they came across as far less preachy and in your face than many other avowedly 'apolitical' acts..  You get the feeling as long as you moshed your arse off with a smile on your face and picked up yer sweat-drenched moshpals whenever they stumbled..  Interpreting whatever the band's 'message' was would always be an incidental bonus to these guys.  It's almost like just having fun together is the most important thing..  Who'd a thunk it?

Road To Ruin

A double disc released in 2004 on Leafhound Records, the 'Early Works Collection' helpfully compiled all of that hard to find shit from Japan's best (and only!) serial killer obsessed worshippers of doomstoned dementia: Church Of Misery!  Spanning the smoke-shrouded years of 1996-98, you're gonna get dosed by the swinging tracks of morbid psychedelic supergroove from their splits with Iron Monkey and Sheavy..  The lysergically laced murderpunch that was the 'Taste The Pain' EP should give you a serious case of acid burns on ya tongue..  The Church also blessed us with a whole buncha amped up covers of classic doom and heavy-psych/prog from way back when they were still honing their chops (Saint Vitus, Trouble, Iron Butterfly, Black Widow and Death SS)..  Rounding it all off with a characteristically murderous unreleased paen to old school shooting-spree killer Howard Unruh.  Shit!  Listening back to the rip, there's a coupla minor skips on the first disc (on tracks 6 & 7) shouldn't be enough to detract from yer listening displeasure..  Uh oh.  Don't hold it against me or anything..

The Only Good Punk... Is A Dead One!

Once more we have another underappreciated little number for your earholes to abhor..  The Electro Hippies gestated this aural oddity, breached the threshold of no return and with one last big push finally fired out a full length LP..  Before the kicking and screaming just got to be too much, resulting in their prolapse and splitting up in 1988..  And what a peculiarly synchronous hybrid of a musical mutant it was..  These guys weren't about to let their occasional lapses in musicianship spoil the noise filled funfest..  Fermenting a hearty brew from crust, hardcore, anarcho punk, death metal and grindcore  Some tracks have slow, knuckle dragging Amebix-esque riffing occasionally stumbling into neanderthalic blast sections..  While other tracks are like fast hardcore with an impassioned anarcho style vocal delivery.  If I had to compose a headline it would probably say: Have-a-go Hippy Heroes Happily Hammer Home The Horror!  Or something..