Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tales Of Terror

So..  What's happening ghostface?  You're looking a bit pale today..  Iron deficiency kicking in?  You'd better crank this.  Close your eyes head / fistbang hard and listen closely to Hallows Eve's debut LP from '85 repeatedly..  Mentally quaff from the trough of molten metal goodness..  I can't offer a more effective prescription than that right now.  These guys were an early embodiment of idiot-savant speed metal craziness..  They knew how to balance their influences on the edge of a blade and annihilate their instruments with aplomb..  It's certainly an intriguing combination of strands that they drew together..  'Plunging to Megadeath' opens the steel-laden show, kicking things off by reaching an almost Dark Angel-esque ('Darkness Descends' era) intensity..  The rest of the tracks relentlessly and feverishly pursue HE's combination of exultant speed metal meets early punk inflected NWOBHM..  It's all over in 27 minutes or so and they've got a guitarist called 'Skellator'..  Sold!