Friday, 16 September 2011

Sweet & Innocent

We need more NWOBHM!  Here's Stourbridge's most sterling set of down to earth rivetheads, Diamond Head!  With their second seven inch, 'Sweet & Innocent', issued in the summer of 1980 and released by Media Records.  For sure, you can hear that there's no speed-of-sound records being broken here..  But, those irrepressibly Diamond geezers still had an unpretentious and utterly engaging approach to their upbeat metallic boogies.  Both tracks dish out plenty of straightforward riffs and solos that give off more than just a whiff of the unique 'chips, gravy, fags 'n' brown ale' vibe that the finest acts of the NWOBHM seem to have emitted on a casual basis.  Not forgetting to mention that you can discern the often overbearing shadow of the 70's still lurking in the back of the band's minds..  I'm of the opinion that the (non-album) B side, 'Streets Of Gold' is the catchiest of the 2 tracks..  It out-rocks the A-side a little bit harder and the solos are just that much sweeter (it's like the 70's vs the 80's!)..  But if you disagree and shit, just relax..  I mean, there's no need to get litigious or anything..

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