Friday, 16 September 2011


'Supercollider' was the 1999 full length from Miami's clammy-palmed sludge hammerers Cavity.  Later reissued by Hydra Head Records, this is the original Man's Ruin version.  Opening up proceedings with (what should hopefully be) a familiar sample from John Carpenter's 'Prince Of Darkness', they don't really put a foot wrong over the next 36 minutes.  Upon initial exposure back in the day, Cavity may have struck you as yet another unremarkable or sub-par sludge troupe..  Let's face it they weren't exactly in short supply, even back then!  Closer listening however, revealed many layers of progressively more intriguing ingredients in Cavity's carefully constructed concoctions.  Skillfully blending the prequisite slabs of hardcore strength pseudo-Sabbathian sub-sonic riffology into a conceptual whole.  With segues of radio static, samples, brooding clean intro's and some wrongly-wired droning intermissions all conspiring together in a dimly lit room for the sole purpose of fucking with your wretched head.

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