Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mellow Out

You'd better believe it brothers and sisters, when I say that the heavy-psychedelic freak flag is still defiantly fluttering atop Outer Focussed HQ..  Just to reaffirm our commitment to (not so) gently rapping on the doors of perception, an artifact has been unearthed from the bottom of a pile that may well have traversed half the known universe just to be back here, mumbling and blinking with us now..  Japan's Mainliner literally picked up where even High Rise themselves backed off shaking their heads..  By executing a cunning masterstroke, recruiting Makoto Kawabata from Acid Mothers Temple on 'motor psycho' guitars.  Then somehow condensing their trademark OTT approach, seemingly into a sonic representation of the interior of a gigantic cumulonimbus stormcloud.  Blasting huge, blue jets of radioactive flame fifty miles into the stratosphere, whilst simultaneously sending sizzling bolts of lightning strength voltage to explode upon the hapless fools on the ground.  Tapping into the cosmic grid to unleash psychedelic destruction on an unprecedented scale..  Asahito Nanjo's vocals sound tremulous and timid, emerging from the tumult like the reverberating whispers of a terror stricken psychonaut, trapped in the eye of a cosmic storm.  Meanwhile the music is locked into an ongoing de/re-construction loop of steadily increasing hysteria..  So, here's Mainliner's first full-length, 'Mellow Out' originally unleashed on an unsuspecting world back in '96 by Charnel Music, this is the Riot Season Records re-issue from 2003..

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