Saturday, 3 September 2011

Failure, Fucker.

Hey there stinkypants..  Is it possible you're still feeling a distinct lack of crustoid contamination?  Stop chewing yer dreadlocks and don't sweat it anymore.  I got somethin' to hit the spot!  Whoa there, take it easy ya freako and don't do too much!  Finally, you can stop irritably raking your inflamed crevices and frantically checking your fingernails for more dirt to eat (and I said stop sweating)!  Instead of all that guff, here's Severed Head Of States's self-titled seven inch from 2001..  Four tracks of cold 'n' drizzly crust that should slowly seep into yer subconscious..  Constantly roaming basslines, steadily rolling on in like the next batch of inevitable rainclouds..  With some darkly melodic licks subtly lurking in amongst the moist, gloomy shadows.  Firmly planting a mud-spattered biker boot into both the 'epic' and 'barbaric' swamps that seethe either side of the skull-strewn barbed-wire fence that divides the assorted hordes of Road Warrior rejects..  The Head featured at the time ex and current members of Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, World Burns To Death, Defiance and Detestation..  That pedigree definitely shows in the band's deft and decisive delivery of the rocking good crusts..   

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