Saturday, 24 September 2011


Re-emerging reluctantly from yet another of their sporadic periods of contemplative torpor in 2004, Rudimentary Peni sounded particularly invigorated this time around on the 'Archaic' EP.  Finding themselves arriving at a point where every conceivable part of their sound had been stripped back to its bare boned constituent parts.  Each track has a few lines of lyrics at most and rest assured there's not many sunbeams to pierce the unrelenting gloom, apart from maybe a few sardonic lines in 'X N.H.S.'..  The music is so remorseless in its simplicity that it resolves itself as swiftly as it can and each track says all that needs to be said in a minute and a half or less.  Distinctly mid-paced throughout but genuinely impressive stuff all round..  Especially when you consider their longevity and particularly single-minded determination to cling to their personal vision of absolute artistic freedom within a strictly defined and constantly refined set of musical aesthetics..

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