Sunday, 14 August 2011


Let's have a bit more of the sludge rock from San Francisco's Acid King shall we?  Here's their debut full-length, 'Zoroaster' released by Sympathy For The Record Industry all the way back in '95.  This female fronted power trio were inspired to name themselves after the notoriously homicidal stoner dimwit Ricky Kasso.  Infamous for his massively over the top drug-drenched multiple stabbing of a former friend..  Inflicting somewhere in the region of 40 knife wounds mostly to the face and neck..  All over some stolen PCP.  Lured out to the woods and violently murdered on Long Island, New York back in '84..  All in a sensationally satanic stylee of course..  Say You Love Satan!  SAY YOU LOVE SATAN!  Sure enough, this was followed swiftly by his capture and subsequent suicide in jail..  Anyway, let's get back to the tunes..  You can expect to get a strong dose of psychedelically tinged stoner doom, with some speaker rumblingly heavy low-end frequencies..  Always resolutely unhurried, most of the jams take their own sweet time to unfold..  But once they hit their sonic stride it's always a worthwhile journey..  Steadily rollin'..  Ominously on, to an irresistably burned-out destination..

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