Friday, 5 August 2011

West Side Horizons

'West Side Horizons' was a seriously heavy-duty 62 track collection of chaos by Inglewood, LA's Despise You..  Released in 1999 by Pessimiser Records.  These guys and gal indisputably delivered some of the bleakest and most enraged hardcore / powerviolence ever committed to tape..  Everything's fucked and somebody's not too happy about it!  Tuned down all the way to oblivion and utterly hate filled..  Indignation was their inspiration!  Seriously, fucking concussive blastjams with an overwhelming atmosphere of sheer aggressive despair..  Some kind of simultaneous nadir / apex in intense musical expression..  It compiled a bunch of split EP's, compilation tracks and 7"s with some unreleased shit that was meant to be on a split LP with Man Is The Bastard..  All recorded between 1994 and '96.  The band (at the time) included members of Excruciating Terror, Stapled Shut and Crom with Pessimiser Records head honcho Chris Elder providing most of the vocals..  But in a bid to avoid a 'featuring members of' supergroup scenario, they all assumed pseudonyms..  Nice touch!  Proudly displaying their metal and hardcore inspirations, there's some ripping cover versions..  Including: 'Burning In Hell' by Possessed and 'Couch Slouch' by DRI..  Both have their intensity stakes upped considerably!  Go on, subject yourself to a 40 minute pummeling and let DY mentally massage your blues away!  Or something..

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