Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday Morning Powerviolence!

It's Sunnyvale, California's finest two man head-wrecking crew: Godstomper!  With their 'Saturday Morning Powerviolence' EP released by San Francisco's Slap A Ham Records in '98..  That's right, with only filthy bass noise destruction riffs and explosively propulsive drum detonations at their disposal..  These guys knew exactly which of dem powerviolence buttons to press..  Oh yes!  The song structures are more relaxed than an intoxicated red-eyed sloth on the verge of hibernation yet somehow also seem ridiculously compressed..  They'd generally dawdle along, building up steam, alternately crunching and droning..  Then, suddenly realising there's only a couple of seconds left in the song, they'd quite simply crank up the speed..  Trying desperately to fit as many beats and bellowing screams in as they possibly could before collapsing..  Then they started again.  Sounds kinda like if 2/3rds of Forced Expression were suddenly, unexpectedly devoured in the praccy room by one of the Man Is The Bastard bass molesters in a fit of enraged hunger..  Then, still drooling red chunks everywhere - calmly picking up the now blood-drenched bass and staring vacantly, glassy-eyed at the drummer until fear-induced bodily panic sets in and he just starts jamming along with him..  11 tracks, signed, sealed and delivered in 8 minutes..  Beautifully barbaric stuff!


  1. thanks for the links. you are the best!

  2. No probs, you're welcome! Cheers for stoppin' by..