Monday, 8 August 2011

Praise God And Pass The Ammunition

Here's another dose of eye-opening, ear-hole-cleaning medicine that's just too Hard To Swallow yo..  This time round it's their split EP with Liverpool's under-acclaimed dissonauts - Underclass..  Released in 1996 by Merseyside's Days Of Fury Records.  Dig the pic but spotted a swastika?  Don't panic knee-jerk PC's!  No guilt trips necessary here y'know..  The front cover's taken from a Spanish Civil War propaganda poster called, 'How The Church Has Sown Its Religion In Spain'..  Phew, bask in that left-wing revolutionary afterglow baby!  You can relax and relinquish your righteous outrage again..  HTS deliver three tracks of more discordantly thrashing grooves bound together with their customarily cynical perspective..  It's early days but they already sound frighteningly accomplished here..  The swine!  Underclass on the other hand somehow remind me of a slightly more melodically inclined Locust (circa the first LP and s/t 7")..  That would of course be minus the analogue keyboards and stylish green hot-pants of course!  Lyrically sharing a similar seen-it-all-before outlook with HTS..  Their five quick blasts of shrieking dissonance help to ensure that an equally awkward but mutually effective approach to skullcrushing is achieved by both bands..


  1. This is probably the best split you've never heard. Picked this up on a recommendation. Great stuff!

  2. Glad ya dig! More to be posted from both bands soonish..