Monday, 22 August 2011

Power Violence Forever

Hey!  I wonder what these guys sound like?  It's just so hard to tell, what with the title, band-name and cover being so oblique and subtle like..  Let's see..  Starting off with the soothing sounds of the surf, gently breaking on a no doubt idyllic beach somewhere..  Great.  Just what we need..  More fuckin' hippies.  Then, all of a sudden Fuck On The Beach snap into a snippet of their eponymous theme song and proceed to flatten your face with a relentlessly break-neck barrage of goofy speedcore!  That's more like it!  Here's their first full length platter: 1999's 'Power Violence Forever' released on the (nearly) always reliable Slap A Ham Records.  Really though, their sound is a lot closer to straightforward fast hardcore rather than the downtuned brutality and fast / slow tempos you'd expect from powerviolence bands..  No complaints here though as the songs are generally kept short 'n' sweet and there's enough guitar 'n' bass trade-offs and rhythmic variation to keep things interesting.  Plus they kindly included a quick live set as a bonus track, those cheeky scatterbrained sleazeballs!  In short, as an experience it's decidedly less irritating than waking up hungover with an arse-crack full of sand and a generous sprinkling of the local crabs..

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