Friday, 5 August 2011

Misery Index

Next up it's Florida's Assuck with their second 'full length album', 'Misery Index'!  Released back in 1997 on Sound Pollution Records.  These guys (down to a power trio on this release) had a noticeable death metal influence present in their non-stop blasting..  It's probably not too surprising when you consider their home state was a hotbed of death metal dementia at the time..  Not forgetting to mention it was recorded at the studio of choice for aspiring '90's deathbangers (Morrisound) with Scott Burns at the helm..  That particular studio and producer combination seemed to get slagged off a fair bit back in the 90's for one reason or another..  But you can't complain here, the production's got just the right balance of murk and clarity..  Lyrically you get existential observations of profound alienation, weary resignation and raging disgust..  Y'know, all that happy stuff!  All barked out in a relentlessly ugly monotone growl..  Nearly every other grind band was increasing their song lengths at this point in time..  Not these dudes!  Fifteen tracks in fifteen mins?  You know what I'm talkin' about!

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