Friday, 5 August 2011

Means Of Existence

Whoops!  Well, what can I say?  It's been a couple of days..  So to compensate, I'll attempt to curtail my usual nonsensical ramblings..  Instead, I'll quite happily just try to hit you up with a succession of hate filled blasterpieces!  Don't worry though folks, it's nothing personal, I assure you!  Up first for your (un)delight and (non)delectation, it's California's heavy grind veterans: Phobia!  With their first full length 'Means Of Existence' released by Slap A Ham Records in '98..  This album saw them belligerently blasting out slab after slab of golden era Napalm Death styled grind..  All shot through with an unhealthily urgent dose of powerviolence-esque rabidity..  Just for good measure of course!  Lyrics touch on most of the traditional topics for the 'politically aware' punx..  The songs are well structured and prove the band's firm grasp of dynamics..  Aided by the raw and immediate production, it should all go some way towards compelling your attention, for a good while at least..  Between tracks there's plenty of tasty samples and occasionally some choice, brooding clean-guitar intro's/segues sprinkled here and there..  Yum!  In short, it's a mandatory slice of state of the art late '90's grindcore..

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