Friday, 19 August 2011


Here's another classic slab excavated from the 'golden age' of grind..  This time it's Filthy Christians from Sweden with their first and only full-length, 'Mean' released by Earache in 1990.  Featuring Per Thunell from the legendary fast hardcore band Protes Bengt on vocals..  The Filthies clearly drew their deepest inspirations from the intensity-obsessed international hardcore / grindcore / noisecore and death metal scenes that were in full fucking swing at the time..  Forging a unique sound for themselves simply by refining a combination of musical ideas from their favourite underground bands.  Despite the confrontational cover-art which is a photo of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme who was assassinated by persons unknown in 1986..  You can still easily get the impression that they were keeping it somewhat tongue in cheek..  Tracks like 'Herring Attack', 'A Case For Teddy' and 'Introitus' should hopefully give you a chuckle or a smirk anyway!

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