Saturday, 6 August 2011

He Came Home

Surely, no introductions should be necessary for this fuckin' majestically suspenseful little number?!  C'mon, it's the 20th anniversary special-edition of the original soundtrack for the 1978 genre-defining stab 'n' stalk slashterpiece..  John Carpenter's score was minimalistic, certainly..  Rhythmically repetitive in a decidedly minimal stylee?  Definitely!  But to me this only reinforces its stark effectiveness at (not so) subtly increasing the tension and simultaneously squeezing every last drop of suspense out of a handful on notes..  Mr. C was on a strict deadline and had just two weeks to lay down the entire soundtrack later admitting he was heavily influenced by Hitchcock's go-to-guy Bernard Herrmann (Psycho OST) and of course the eternal Ennio Morricone.  Overdubbing layers of sketchily disconcerting synths for an overwhelmingly creeped-out and  unsettling effect..  Want literal proof of how crucial to the chill-factor the vibes were here?  In the liner notes J.C. himself admits that the film was no way near as scary before they dubbed on the soundtrack! Anyways, you get plenty of quotable dialogue excerpts from the movie here as well, which doesn't hurt much either..  Well, not as much as being violently stabbed to death anyway!

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