Friday, 5 August 2011

Divided We Fall

'Divided We Fall' was the second full length release from LA's inhuman whirlwind grinding holocaustic hellraisers: Excruciating (Fucking!) Terror!  Unleashed upon the underground back in '98 by our good buddies at Pessimiser Records once again.  This lot sounded like early ENT and Napalm Death having a bog-eyed jam sesh after smoking a few dusted joints..  Unhinged!  ET never bothered themselves with overly complex song structures..  But why should they've done? They sure as fuck weren't trying to impress you..  They could already flay your pathetic flesh from the bone with their flying fingers!  Interestingly, the guitars sound like they're tuned slightly higher than you'd usually expect to hear in grind..  Maybe after the brutal low-end heaviness of their 'Expression Of Pain' LP they just wanted a bit of definition to their riffs?  Anyways..  You can expect to hear incessant blastbeats, constant cupped-mike grunts 'n' growls, blown out bass lines and generally all the hallmarks of good old fashioned grinding brutality!  Yet another absolutely essential slice of primo 90's manic grind violence!  Go on.  You know it makes sense..

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