Thursday, 11 August 2011

Death To Music

The final full-length release from Weymouth, Massachusett's massively nerve-damaged sludge / noise narconauts: Nightstick!  It's 1999's end-of-the-century wake-up call, 'Death To Music' released on Relapse Records.  Sounding increasingly weary of dealing with the relentless shittiness of life, but still incandescent with righteous outrage and anger..  The 'Stick shrugged off yet another monster-sized hangover and delivered some of their most punishingly heavy tracks here..  Despite getting exceedingly high at all times and tuning so damn low, they still come off sounding surprisingly focussed.  Achieving an attention-maintaining dynamic range by mixing epic tracks of sludge / doom with uptempo hardcore infused rock-outs..  By slightly reigning in and / or condensing their improvisational tendencies, they revealed an equally entrancing approach..  That allowed them the space to reconsider their emphasis, shifting it onto a more explicitly emotional exposition of their ever-growing alienation.  Great lyrics as always with these guys, themes of revolutionary frustration, societal antipathy and candid self-deprecation delivered with all the disgust they could muster..  Nightstick regrettably imploded not too long after this album came out..  The usual insurmountable issues with substance abuse and an inevitable incarceration ultimately conspired to tragically cut short the creativity of this trio of visionary fuck ups..

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