Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Still got an itch for early noise-punk that ya just can't scratch?  Couldn't get enough of those early Disorder EP's?  Relax flaky face, you can stop frantically shedding dead skin cells now (and I can stop following you round with the hoover)..  Here's Chaos UK's debut album which was released back in '83 by the punktastic overlords at Riot City Records..  This version is the Japanese re-issue on Toy's Factory Records from '91 with the tracks from their 1982 'Loud, Political & Uncompromising' EP as a bonus.  Perhaps due to it's blatant musical crudity, it would be all too easy nowadays to underestimate the visceral impact that this neanderthalic blast of audio projectile vomit had back in the day..  The seismic shockwaves these guys initially produced, along with the aforementioned Disorder and (maybe) Chaotic Dischord would resurface in the subsequent explosions of savagery occurring simultaneously in hardcore punk scenes round the world.  Love 'em or loathe 'em there's no denying their everlastingly imbecilic influence..

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