Saturday, 20 August 2011

American Paranoia

Attitude Adjustment's scorcher of a debut album, 'American Paranoia' surely cemented their reputation (in certain circles, admittedly) as one of the most exciting and high-energy crossover hardcore bands of all time..  Eagerly anticipated on both sides of the Atlantic by the time it was initially unleashed in '86..  It was released by a certain Mr. Pushead, on his world-renowned Pusmort Records.  This particular version is the 1993 re-release on Germany's Bitzcore Records though..  Whassa matteh?  You gorra problem wid dat, punk?  Ahh..  Worreva!  Ahem, moving on as swiftly as possible from my seemingly overwhelming issues with vernacular..  Sixteen tracks of breathlessly snotty hardcore thrash that ultimately helped to codify the 'crossover' sound..  Their location in San Francisco's Bay Area at that particular point in time must have helped considerably when it came to sniffing out musical influences!  I'm sure I've heard of 1 or 2 decent metal or punk bands coming from the Bay Area before..  But hey, who pays attention to these things anyway, right?  By mixing up hardcore's stripped down 'n' speedy approach to songwriting and socially conscious lyrics with plenty of neck-snapping palm-muted chugging riff sections, lifted from their favourite thrashing metalheads (there must've been a few around at the time)..  Okay, fair enough, maybe the production is just a little bit too clean on the LP, robbing the band of their earlier addictive rawness..  But sweat it not brothers and sisters, as a sweet sweet bonus Bitzcore included AA's 1985 'Dead Serious' demo on this 'un as well..  Phew!  Now you too can pledge allegiance to the exclusive and world-famous 'I Only Like The Demo' club!!  Is right.

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