Friday, 15 July 2011

Without Thumbs

Go on then, have a split of this..  North Carolina's grimly grime-infused sludge slinging maestros Seven Foot Spleen with a long 'un and a short 'un..  Displaying both sides of their vaguely frostbitten buzzsaw stomp attack..  The early shit by these guys sounded amazing, with the tinny, beyond fuzzed-out guitars (3 six string axe wielders at one point!)..  Like sickening waves of sludge pulsing through a filter of blackened grinding metal!  A real shame how it all turned out..  As I had high hopes for these guys back then (along with early Cattlepress).  They seemed to have their fingers on the pulses of the crucial scenes (powerviolence, sludge, grind, black and death metal) and appeared to be on the verge of pulling some next level nuggets of shit out of their arses..  If they hadn't cleaned up their sound so much for the LP (or had it cleaned up for them?) maybe they wouldn't have subsequently disappeared (seemingly) without a trace..  That pretty much goes for the once mighty 'Press as well unfortunately, a bit harsh maybe..  As both bands LP's are good but have the common faintly disappointing feel of an opportunity missed..  That said, this version of 'Without Thumbs' blatantly blows clouds of smoke in the album versions face, no doubt about it..  Anyways..  Paired off against 'em we've got Southern Australia's Gacy's Place.  With their blend of pissed off hardcore and speedy powerviolence type blast parts..  These guys understandably stayed pretty low profile, I think they did another 7" on the same label and some comp tracks?  Nothing jaw dropping here, but it is relentlessly ugly hate inspired hardcore, so that'll do (for now)..  Oh yeh, this came out on Spiral Objective Records, sometime round 1997-98..

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