Sunday, 24 July 2011


Let's slow things right down to a smacked out snail-like pace..  The 1998 full length by Grief, 'Torso' released by the aptly named Pessimiser Records.  Seven severely drawn out tracks, spread out over an hour should slowly strangle any remaining vestiges of hope..  60 minutes of desperate crushing despair.  I used to listen to this record every night when I came home from my crappy job about ten years ago and it always just depressed the shit out of me even further..  Hmm, not sure how much that helped in the long run!  To be honest, it's hard to even drag any descriptions out of my brain when I try and think hard about this album..  It just makes me want to curl up into a shrieking ball on the floor..  Slow motion grinding horror sludge?  Caution!  Listening to this album too much might make you start to look like the guy in the picture up there..  You have been warned!

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