Saturday, 16 July 2011

Teen Dusthead

One of the many fine split cd's Man's Ruin Records left us with was the Acid King / Altamont release..  Which back in '97 helpfully compiled each bands 10" EP for a double dipped helping of psyched out heavy doom rock..  Acid King kick us off with three behemoths of bottom heavy rumbling grooves..  The first two songs are catchy and strangely almost upbeat, with their driving, rocking tempos!  Topped off by Lori's forceful yet hypnotic vocals, complimenting the similarly trance inducing low end rhythms of her guitars with just a hint of a mocking sneer here and there..  This build up of velocity provides the impetus for the third track which blasts off into a thirteen minute instrumental orbit of subsonic explorations..  Altamont next, they were a side project of Melvins drummer Dale Crover (with the rhythm section of Acid King in tow).  On their five sonic slices, sandwiched between atmospheric weird noise passages, they have some heavy 70's influences chanelled through the mangled mind of a maniacal Melvin..  Be it plentiful helpings of downtuned boogie style riffing..  Or the Mountain-esque keyboards providing the necessary rainbow coloured noodles in the background..  They're also happy enough to relax into a psychedelic abstraction whenever the fancy takes them (which is often!).  Always with a sense of ongoing movement in the jams..  Developing them slowly, or all of a sudden on a whim, into the next section..  Wow.  It's like a journey or something (man)..

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