Wednesday, 13 July 2011


A 'fan club' vinyl press of Infest's legendary demo tape from 1987 with a few bonus rehearsal nuggets appeared in the racks some time in the early '00's..  Released by persons unknown somewhere in Europe (probably Germany)..  Again we have scratched out matrix numbers and plain white labels to obscure the trail..  But anyway, we should just be grateful the shadowy elite went to all that trouble!  Twenty five tracks of manically intense fast hardcore presented in all its raw, glorious splendour..  Out, about 'n' on the loose and always liable to headbutt you indiscriminately to the floor for no good reason at all..  Personally, I think I actually prefer these versions over their more polished studio counterparts..  Coz the band's sounding way more relaxed and playful here..  In a rabidly explosive sort of way!  The ragged sound of the recording gives an essential garagey, trebled out edge to the guitars..  Yet this doesn't detract from the sheer energy generated by the reckless abandon of the rockin' sections and fist pumping breakdowns..  Interestingly, for reasons best known to the bootleggers fans who pressed this up (and seemingly no-one else!)..  The last song (named 'Outro' here) is actually a Melvins track ('Echo') from their 'Gluey Porch Treatments' LP!  Bizarrely enough it's not that it actually sounds out of place here or anything (it certainly had me fooled up until not so long ago!)..   Seeing as how a barely noticeable change in sound quality is the only real clue to the listener unfamiliar with that particular LP..  Oh, and not forgetting to mention the track in question is only 26 seconds long!  So the question is quite simply: why?  What is their underlying motivation for the wilful misinformation that hangs there like a veil of deception?  Anyone still awake?  Well, maybe they just wanted to fuck with the heads of the idiots and create further confusion, yeh?  They might have been trying to pass it off as a rare 'unreleased' track they'd obtained and included in a bid to boost their 'hardcore scene points'?  Or maybe, it was a sly comment on the type of sneeringly elitist attitude that was being engendered by an obsession with 'scene points', 'authenticity' and 'obscurity'?  Making it an irresistible opportunity to tweak the noses of those braggarts and swaggerers endowed with that mindset?  Doubt it, but hey, ya never know...

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