Sunday, 24 July 2011

Rock Until You Drop!

Well I went back to the local record fair at the end of last month and what do you know?  This little beauty was still there waiting for me to swoop!  We've had their first single, so here's the debut LP from Raven as well..  1981's 'Rock Until You Drop' on the legendary Neat Records!  Now, not all of the eleven songs are quite as turbo charged as 'Don't Want Your Money'..  But don't sweat, it's still non-stop rockin' from start to finish!  In fact the opening salvo 'Hard Ride' has a swaggeringly solid AC/DCish swing to it and along with the next tune, 'Hell Patrol' sets the pace and tone for the rest of the album.  Their 70's influences are a bit more apparent here, but they still packed plenty of steel in with their NWOBHM style riffage too..  Song titles like, 'Over The Top', 'Lambs To The Slaughter' and the title track should give you some idea of where this headbanging Geordie trio were coming from!  Anyway..  Less of the babble, more of the Metal!!


  1. That album cover is fucking fantastic!

  2. Oh yeh, you said it! Really digging their logo upgrade on this 'un as well..